Command list

Command Description Example
.help Help command .help
.afk Set AFK status .afk [reason]
.avatar Check users avatar .avatar @user
.pet Check users pets .pet @user
.train Upgrade your pet by training it .train
.breed Breed your own pet .breed
.info Check discord guild information .info
.invite Bot invite link .invite
.donate List donator information and perks .donate
.setprefix Change server prefix .prefix [new prefix]
.balance Check your wallet and bank balance .balance
.profile View wins/losses/profit and other information .profile @user
.roulette Play roulette .roulette [bet]
.crash Play crash .crash [bet]
.fight Fun multiplayer game .fight @user [bet]
.slots Play slots with a 5x multiplier .slots [bet]
.hourly Claim hourly amount .hourly
.daily Claim daily amount .daily
.weekly Claim $200k [DONATOR CMD] .weekly
.private Set account to private/hidden [DONATOR CMD] .private
.work Random amount given .work
.flip Play bet flip .flip [bet]
.blackjack Play blackjack vs bot .blackjack [bet]
.give Send users currency (10% tax) .give @user [amount]
.rob Rob users .rob @user
.deposit Deposit currency from wallet to bank .deposit [amount]
.withdraw Withdraw currency from bank to wallet .withdraw [amount]
.wager Play 1v1 bets against a user .wager @user [amount]
.leaderboard View a list of the richest users .leaderboard
.rps Play rock paper scissors against the bot .rps [bet]
.inventory Check your current inventory .inventory
.buy Buy items from the item shop .buy [item id] [amount]
.shop View a list of purchasable items .shop
.mining View your gold miners and mining rate .mining
.fun View a list of fun commands .fun
.vote Vote for the bot [VOTE STREAK] .vote
.claim Claim people as waifus .claim @user
.unclaim Unclaim waifus .unclaim [ID]
.forceunclaim Get yourself unclaimed as a waifu .forceunclaim
.waifu List all your claimed waifus .waifu
.role Give a user a role .role @user [role name]
.kick Kick a user from the server .kick @user [reason]
.ban OR .unban Bans and unbans members .ban @user [reason]
.clean Cleans all bot messages and command messages .clean
.warn Warns user .warn @user [reason]
.warnings Lists a users warnings .warnings @user
.clearwarnings Clears all warnings from a user .clearwarnings @user
.last View your last bet hash + salt .lastbet