Gamble Bot.

The best virtual economy and gambling currency bot. Simple, clean and elegant.
Loads of games to choose from, and tons to spend on the stock market,
currency miners and shop items and a fun command section!

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Gamble Bot commands
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/hug @user
/kiss @user
/pat @user
/poke @user
/slap @user


/balance @user [optional]
/profile @user [optional]
/send (amount) @user
/exchange (amount)
/deposit (amount)
/withdraw (amount)
/invest (amount) (stock)
/sell (amount) (stock)
/buy (item id)


/wager (amount) @user
/bet (amount)
/coinflip (amount)
/crash (amount) (multiplier)
/roulette (amount)
/rps (amount)
/slots (amount)
/highlow (amount)
/dice (amount)
/blackjack (amount)

Statistics [09:48:10 GMT]

23.5 Million

games played

12.5 Million

total wins

10.9 Million

total loses

$521.1 Billion

total gambled

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